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Euro at Home

I will be posting the assignments here and/or Edsby. I will be focusing on reviewing the first 7 units since we have covered all the material that will be tested this year. It seems like most teachers are using zoom, so I will try to use it to. Unfortunately, I am trying to get caught up with everything and planning the lessons and assignments, so please bare with me.

For the first assignment, I want to see what you know. You will be doing a Diagnostic Exam #1, which is located on Edsby and the password protected page on my site. Please take it as it is the real exam. Complete it in 55 minutes and answer all the questions that you can. Once you have taken it, grade it and review the answers you got wrong using the 2 files that give the answers and their explanations. Then open up the item analysis file. Circle or highlight all the questions you got wrong so I know the areas we have issues with and answer the questions on the first page only. Remember, this is a completion grade since I want to see the areas we need help on. Please take it seriously, in the time allotted, without extra help! Please complete this by Friday of this week.

Once completed, please send your answers and Item Analysis to me or take a picture of it and send it to me, to my gmail account,

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