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Tuesday Notes from Mr. Mikulec

Thank you for the feedback yesterday! I am always open to critique and ways to improve. Let me know if you need anything! If you want to do small study group zoom sessions, I am open to that, just let em know!

On Wednesday, teachers have to report any student not participating in their classes. Currently, I have 28 students I will need to report by Wednesday, since they missing from Google Classroom! To join my google classroom, go to and use the code found in the email I sent or on Edsby. PLEASE SIGN UP! All grades have been posted for the Practice Exam! Great job on it! I now wish the multiple choice would still be on the test! In a few weeks, we will take another practice exam, to see which areas we still have issues with. If you show a significant increase in your score, you will received EXTRA points. With the great scores you all had, this might be difficult, but you all are up for the challenge! Also, Thanks to Tarik, I uploaded the videos to You Tube. So that means the videos are on youtube, my site and on Edsby! For My Wednesday Zoom sessions, please come with questions! The session will be every Wednesday starting at 2:00 for Day 1 and 3:00 for Day 2. The meeting code and password is on Edsby. Some ground rules for Zoom session... Must use your real names Must say present or hi or something like that in the chat so I can make sure you get credit You are muted when you enter, but if you have a question, unmute yourself and say Mr. Mikulec If you have any specific topics or questions you want me to address, send it to me beforehand so I can make sure i review it.

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