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Sunday's Note from Mikulec

Hello All,

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying the weekend.

My goal is to get you all prepared for the AP exam and get that FIVE! I have listened to you all when you gave me some feedback. I thought just assigning what I would normally assign if we having normal classes, would be good for you all too, but some have said the workload was too much… was helpful, but too much for a one week period. From now on, I will try to minimize the workload, but still get the full impact to prepare you for the exam.

This year is hard since I am not with you, one on one, like I usually am, in the classroom, in JA, at Barnes & Nobles, at the local libraries, etc. I want to offer any help possible. We have a little more than a month to get ready!

The assignment for this week has been posted on my website. Since Sunday is Easter, I can extend the due date till Monday. If you feel I should change that, please let me know! My goal is for you not to do my assessments on Fridays since you have several other assessments for other classes. ONCE YOU FINISH THE ASSIGNMENT for unit 3, please take the assessment, NOT BEFORE! I noticed some of you did the assessment BEFORE doing the assignments. Let me remind you that the Academic Honesty Policy is still in place. You are expected to do the assessments using only your knowledge of the unit and not other resources. Some of you are scoring MUCH higher than normal and I have taken note. The Honor Council is still in place!

On Wednesday, during our zoom session, I will review how the NEW DBQ Rubric for this years exam will be. Each week, we will be doing DBQ reviews to help you GET THAT FIVE! Hopefully, the zoom sessions won’t have the technical difficulties this week! Sorry! I will send out the codes on Wednesday.

I went through your CAS again and we now have over 50% of you completed! Good job!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I can always do small group sessions if you want extra help!


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